13887 Upper Woolsey Road

Hampton GA. 30228


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Family owned and operated. Est. 1977


Opens Thanksgiving Day!

Of every year

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

And Thanksgiving Friday


Open:    Monday – Friday   12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Choose and Cut Christmas trees

and  fresh cut Fraser Firs


TREES FROM $10.00 and UP

4 ft and up to 25 ft

We accept: CASH, Check with picture ID, VISA / MASTERCARD




Featuring a Santa Shop for your shoppers


Bring your hand saw, power saw, or use one of our bow saws. Free tree shacking and drilling machine if required. Netting is available cutting and hauling is also for a small fee.



Fresh made wreaths with or without bows, and a big selection of tree stands.

This is a great outing, so load up the family, friends and pets come out. Don’t forget the camera.





Virginia Pine                   Cedar                    Green Giant



Leyland Cypress             Carolina Sapphire            Blue Ice



Trees up to 25 feet



Fresh Cut Frazer Fir 4 ft to 12 ft



Directions: US hwy 19/41 south of Jonesboro 8 miles to Upper Woolsey Road and HWY 81. Go west on Upper Woolsey, 4 ˝ miles. CHECK FOR PRINTED MAP or
use MAPQUEST for directions. For best result use WOOLSEY ROAD.



 All trees are measured and priced for you shopping convenience.

We have bag and balled Leyland Cypress and Green Giants


How to Choose a Tree

Measure ceiling height and width so you don’t overbuy. All trees at our farm have a tag with the height and price.
Look for a straight and centered trunk.
The handle is the part of the tree that fits into the stand-is it long enough for the stand you have.
Two people make it easier to cut a tree. One to cut and the other to tug on the tree so that the saw doesn’t bind. Plus two can carry the tree to the shaking, netting and checkout area.
BE CAREFUL! YOU’RE in a field with uneven surfaces, stump, ants, and wildlife. Assistance is available, just ask.


Helpful Information:

Public portable restroom available.
If required we will help you cut, haul your tree to the vehicle and assist you in securing it in your vehicle. (bring bung cords, rope or heavy duty twine)
FREE shaking of needles from the tree.
FREE Stand drilling if required.
Netting which makes handling easier for a small fee.
Bring your camera to record the outing to get your family tree.
If weather is cold or wet, wear warm clothing or wet weather gear? Bring a plastic bag to lay on the ground so you won't get wet.
A safe outing is our desires and fun, so bring the family and enjoy yourself.
Come for a fun time that will last for a life time of memories.